Computer AMC Services

Computer AMC Services


What to expect from your Computer AMC services?

Annual Maintenance Contracts or services for computers is one of the varied products which takes good care of your computer and its accessories or related parts. The AMC or annual maintenance contract comes into play after your warranty period has expired. KSR Computer is one such firm rendering top-notch Computer AMC services at an affordable cost. Providing both on-site and virtual assistance is the exclusivity of KSR Computer in their business. The on-site or virtual facility is available for both the computers and network. Every single Computer AMC service worked out in collaboration with the KSR Computer is subjected to undergo a service contract to maintain transparency in their business.

What does KSR Computer do?

KSR Computer is a cluster of networking and computer professionals excelling their respective domains. These professionals thrive in relentlessly to identify potential threats or issues related to the networks and computers. Once the problems are identified, the KSR Computer professionals thrive in at their best to resolve those issues with their proficiency and excellence. To address the problems efficiently, the KSR Computer professionals work out a blueprint of troubleshooting techniques. The working ethics of KSR Computer is customer-centric and thus works on bifurcating their professionals as per the projects. In short, you receive at least one KSR Computer executive working on your network troubleshooting issues with dedication.

Business-client relationship is one of the critical business ethics of KSR Computer, and the firm thrives in at their hard to nurture the same. To enlist a few of the services rendered by KSR Computer are as follows:

  • Sale of branded and assembled Desktops, Laptops, Printers and Network devices
  • Network Cabling and Wi-Fi installation
  • Installation of Firewall and Data Security Solutions.
  • Maintenance of Computer Hardware and Anti-virus solutions.

Computer AMC Services

With robust years of professional experience, today KSR Computer is one of the leading Computer AMC service providers of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. Besides, it is also reckoned for other IT infrastructure servicing.


What does KSR Computer’s computer AMC services assist you with?

The computer AMC services rendered by KSR Computer is inclusive of

  • Monitor maintenance so that you do not have to face the hurdles associated with screen displays and resolutions.
  • Installation of anti-virus software to shield your desktop from different virus attacks.
  • Virus Removal Assistance to safeguard your desktop files and data from engulfment by viruses such as Spywares and Adwares.
  • Assistance in substantial cost savings for the betterment of your desktop performance in comparison to individual calls.
  • Support of a single window which facilitates all the requirements of your desktop.
  • Computer repair, unlimited customer support services, and other related services.
  • Addition or Removal of Computer Hardware.
  • Internet-based services associated with network troubleshooting.


Why should you choose KSR Computer’s computer AMC services for better and quality assured services?

The benefits of using KSR Computer’s computer AMC services are as noted below:

  • KSR Computer professionals are proficient enough to protect your system from hackers so that your desktop and your business network works efficiently.
  • Free and monitored updates of critical software for all your desktops undergoing the KSR Computer’s computer AMC servicing.
  • Fixing computer security issues, patches and installation ease for service packs.
  • A complete solution for protecting your desktop against the attack of hackers, trojans, and viruses with the additional Firewall protection feature. To avail the Firewall protection facility, however, you might have to spend a more amount from your pocket.
  • Unlimited or 24/7 customer support extended by on-call support, tele-support, online chat support and support via email services.
  • Additional support services and so on.
  • For premium KSR Computer members, a fixed and an affordable servicing rate as a token of long-term membership.
  • Scheduled discount availability on new products.
  • The accomplishment of preventative measurements to periodically check problems associated with your system & network even before they are bound to occur.

What role do KSR Computer professionals accomplish while dealing with your computer AMC services?

The KSR Computer professionals prioritize three criteria to accomplish your computer AMC services efficiently. These three criteria are as follows:

Performance issues: While checking for your desktop performance issues, KSR Computer professionals work out on a periodical checking of computer hardware. In case, the professional executing a periodic check encounter any problem concerning your desktop performance they work towards updating the same.

Networking: KSR Computer’s team is a bunch of expert technicians. The networking expertise technicians of KSR Computer is ever-ready to configure all types of your servers and routers as well as firewalls.

Facility Management: Our professionals procure the hardware as per the client request. Furthermore, if needed, the technicians assist in changing the malfunctioned computer parts which are under the warranty period.

What are the types of computer AMC services rendered by KSR Computer team?

The KSR Computer team works on rendering two types of computer AMC services: Non-comprehensive and Comprehensive computer AMC services.

Non-Comprehensive Computer AMC services: Non-comprehensive computer services are inclusive of costs related to services and repairs of defective parts. In case of non-comprehensive computer AMC services, only the value for the defective ones is subjected to the customers.

Comprehensive Computer AMC services: Comprehensive Computer AMC services are meant for the service and repairs of all parts. Here, the customer’s do not need to bear the charges of labor or the replaced computer parts.

What are the different types of computer AMC services rendered by KSR Computer?

KSR Computer renders two types of service packages: premium pack and the regular pack.

Premium Packs for Computer AMC services:

  • The premium pack for computer AMC services is accompanied with two hours of reporting time once you make a call. Support extended on all working days.
  • Computer AMC services under the premium pack are entitled to be available all around the year.
  • Twice a week generalized service and instant clean-up remote help for the distant customers.
  • Assured free and quality intact delivery of the peripherals purchased from KSR Computer.

Regular Pack for Computer AMC services:

A reporting period of 3 hours after the call log.

  • Twice a month generalized servicing and clean-ups for the regular pack customers.
  • Instant help support and query resolution for distant customers with the assistance of remote control.
  • Service availability from morning 10 am  to evening 6 pm on all the six weekdays.
  • You enjoy flexible payment options here. You can pay either quarterly, monthly or per annum basis.