Wireless Networks

Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless Networking Solutions


A paradigm shift in the working nature of the organizations has been observed across the globe since past few years. This shift towards mobility has been derived from its direct relation to the productivity of any organization. Today you are the very part of a mobile workforce who makes the use of laptops, PDAs and mobile phones. These gadgets let your employees conduct business anywhere, anytime, from any device delivering the right impact on the customers at the right time. The existing fixed, or wired, network is very rigid in nature. It cannot follow a user to deliver consistent user experience and security policies. As workforce mobility continues to grow, the networks are bound to move from wired to wireless providing seamless and secure connectivity to your employees. This facilitation of the technology is no less than a revolution in computer networks era.

KSR Computer has a vast experience in designing, implementing and maintaining wireless connectivity solution for such requirements with following scenarios.

Indoor Wi-fi Solutions

Controller-based Solution
Controller-less – Independent AP solution

Outdoor wireless connectivity Solution 

Point-to-point connectivity
Point-to-multipoint  connectivity
We offer the wireless solutions that include:-
  • Centralized architecture for improved security, scalability, manageability and deployment flexibility.
  • Seamless Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming.
  • Increased network access security with the support of 802.1x authentication, Microsoft Active Directory integration.
  • Point to Point wireless networks connectivity having the distance separation in kilometers.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol, VPN, and other organization’s applications extended to mobile users seamlessly.
  • Management software ensures the efficient and effective use of the deployed network.
  • Location appliances to track location, movements, usage, and trends.

These solutions combined with existing infrastructure, applications and policies ensure increased productivity matrix of your organization.