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Today, the world is entirely revolving around the computers. Almost everything needs the use of computers. The computer has indeed become part and parcel of our life. The moment we talk about computer, the first thing that comes to our mind is its maintenance. The computer is an electronic system needs robust support to vouch for its durability. Heaps of problems encircle the computer system. To list a few of them are the viruses, Trojan horses, and spyware. Not getting into much details about the computer problems, let us focus on what we can do to avoid these problems at the earliest.


Computer AMC is one such task which monitors the health of your systems on per annum basis. All you need to do is to dig a lot for the best Computer amc service provider. Whichever Computer AMC service provider you choose should be efficient in their profession. It should be a cluster of highly qualified professionals. Your service provider must render cutting edge service for Computer AMC.

KSR computer Systems is one of the leading IT Solutions and System Integrator, Computer AMC Service Provider in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & NCR region. We Provide Laptop, Desktop, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for different services or product. Computer AMC Services is a preventive maintenance in which we protect your computer from malfunctioning.


What are the different types of Computer AMC services available today?

There are four kinds of Computer Annual Maintenance Contract available in the market. They are as follows:




Well, there are many of the Computer Maintenance services However, some of them are highlighted below for your convenience.


  • Assembly of Computer Systems
  • Upgradation of Computer Systems
  • Fixation of Internet errors
  • Hard-disk, DVD ROM and Modem wear and tear
  • Removal of Virus and Computer Protection
  • Maintenance of Scanners and Printers
  • Data Recovery
  • Set up of WiFi or LAN facilities and its subsequent security
  • Servers of Data, SAN, and NAS


What are the essential criteria to be considered while you opt for the best computer AMC services in India?


  • Check for the professional exposure of the Computer AMC experts
  • Go through the verification of training certificates and relevant enclosures which assure you about the appropriate Computer AMC services
  • Choose the firm which offers you a low annual or semi-annual subscription plan for the Computer AMC services. Many Computer AMC service providers to assure their clients with cost-efficient services. However, either the services are not near the point of perfection, or they are not properly executed.
  • Prefer the service provider who assures you with a 24/7 support. The 24/7 support helps the clients to be updated with the repairs and maintenance of their computer systems. Today, the majority of Computer AMC service providers work 24/7 for serving their customers and winning their satisfactory appreciation.
  • Ask the service provider to accomplish complete protection form the Hackers and Viruses. It is agreed that no service can vouch for the perfect protection from Hackers and viruses. But try to choose a Computer AMC service provider who keeps their service upgraded to tackle these issues effectively.
  • Let your Computer amc service provider know that your system needs a robust software as well as hardware support. Both of these should be available at an extremely affordable cost.
  • Lastly, Computer AMC service provider must be as quick as possible to address your computer or laptop technical queries.


What does your Computer AMC service provider assure you with his Computer Annual Maintenance Contract?


Computer Maintenance Service: Computer Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC helps to maintain your computers and network adequately. It further assists you to restrict casual surfing over the internet. As a result of internet surfing restriction, the cost of internet usage gets reduced.

 Setup and Maintenance of Network Server: This setup and maintenance of network server help in the data access policy implementation on the client desktop. This protects the personalized files from access by wrong users. With the data access policy, you restrict the user access for a particular data on your business desktop. This protects your business document from unnoticed view, modify, edit or delete. In short, your Computer Annual Maintenance Contracts safeguards your critical business files.

Solutions for running backups: The Computer Annual Maintenance Contract facilitates the client businesses with the feature to save on data. You may further retrieve the data as per your need.

Management of Emails: This feature helps you to vouch for the privacy being disclosed by your business employees. With proper implementation of AMC, you can keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing emails of each employee effectively.

Maintenance of Robust Network: The AMC allows your system to secure the accessibility of your internet connection.

Management of Assets: AMC helps you to keep a track and control over the number of prints taken by the individual user. It is primarily crafted to monitor and manage the infrastructural details of your IT firm. With a well-structured Computer AMC services, you can also keep track of what your employees are working on. This can be done from your chair itself. Also, the AMC helps you to restrict the use of other software’s which are not meant for the business purpose. These are inclusive of games, chatting applications, social sites and other related apps. Your system will even be protected against data leak issues.


Technical Terms and Conditions of Computer Annual Maintenance Contract:

  • The Computer AMC service provider must be ISO certified
  • The firm should hold a record of at least five years to function as an authorized Computer AMC service provider
  • When accounted for the last three consecutive years, the firm should have an experience of handling AMC in about more than a hundred computer systems.
  • The firm should be registered under the Sales Tax Department of the concerned region.
  • The firm must surrender the copies of PAN and GST nos.


Penalty: The penalty to be levied is fixed at one percent of the AMC charges of that day. This is chargeable when minor faults are detected within 3 hours of AMC installation.

 There are lots of benefits of Computer Maintenance Services that may help you a little: Benefits of Computer AMC Services



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