Ubiquiti UniFi Business Class Wi-Fi Solutions


Ubiquiti Wireless AP provide high performance, long range, and well-designed control panel. You can get strong wireless coverage for the large area at the price of small businesses can afford.

There has been a high-pitch partition for a year in the wireless network. Setting up business class wireless has required high-end equipment with a high price tag and expensive service specialist. The alternate options are consumer class router and APs from Netgear, D-Link and Linksys etc. which work well but not like the great experience. Almost everyone used to power ON/OFF the router when wireless won’t connect or not discovering signals. There is no way to extend the range of signal to cover an area where the signal drops off.

Ubiquiti networks build its product as Enterprise Wireless but it is not expensive and simple enough that small business can implement into office and improve their wireless experience.

Router and Wireless Access Points Background

You almost have a router at your home and offices. A router is a hardware device that takes the internet and makes it available for multiple computers. The thumb rule on the small network is there can be only one router on a network.

A Wireless access point is a separate hardware device that connects to network thru network cable and broadcast wireless signal. That’s necessary when the router does not include wireless, or when you want to extend the range of signal to areas beyond the reach of the wireless router. If you want to add to your wireless coverage, you don’t need to buy another router. Instead, you buy a wireless access point, which is traditionally consumer-class device from D-Link or Linksys that looks just like the router.

Ubiquiti UniFi wireless access points

A Ubiquiti UniFi wireless access point is a flat white disk and it comes with wall mounts as well as ceiling mounts for a professional setup. There are two types of model  – the regular access point and long range access point. The range with all APs depends on the location of the access point, type of type of intervening walls and construction materials in the building.

The UniFi equipment uses POE to avoid electrical wiring layout and power point between device and wall outlet. It comes with the adapter that takes power from the wall outlet and sent it thru network cable that is only network cable connected to the access point. That makes it easier to mount UniFi access points on high walls where they will generate the far-reaching wireless signal.


There are UniFi models for outdoor use and a Pro model that support the latest wireless network protocol, 802.11ac, along with some additional setup.

Ubiquiti UniFi Business Class Wi-Fi Solutions

EnvironmentIndoorIndoorIndoorIndoor/ OutdoorOutdoorIndoor/Outdoor (covered)
Simultaneous Dual-Bandticktickticktickticktick
2.4 GHz Speed300 Mbps300 Mbps450 Mbps450 Mbps450 Mbps800 Mbps
2.4 GHz MIMO2×22×23×33×33×34×4
5 GHz Speed867 Mbps867 Mbps867 Mbps1300 Mbps1300 Mbps1733 Mbps
5 GHz MIMO2×22×22×23×33×34×4
Range122 mt183 mt122 mt183 mt122 mt
Secondary Ethernet Portticktickticktick
PoE Mode802.3at PoE+24V Passive PoE24V Passive PoE802.3af PoE 802.3at PoE+802.3at PoE+802.3at PoE+
Ceiling Mountticktickticktick
Wall Mountticktickticktickticktick
Wireless Uplinkticktickticktickticktick


The access points are set up and controlled by software that is installed on computers in the network.  UniFi Controller software is bundled with the UniFi AP hardware without any charge — no separate software, licensing required.

Ubiquiti UniFi Controller software sets up a single wireless network that is broadcast by all the wireless access points on the network and it arranges it so the WAPs do not conflict with each other.


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