Should I renew my Server, Laptop, and Workstation warranty?

Why should we have a warranty for all IT equipment?

At KSR Computer, we believe every IT equipment should have the warranty and expected to last minimum 5 years. We do not believe in selling workstations, Laptop and Server with less than three years warranty. By purchasing 3 years warranty, we setting minimum lifespan of the IT equipment at least three years. During this period your costs will be predictable that system has an issue with OEM (DELL, HP, Lenovo) will replace faulty parts within 24 hours.


We recommend having a warranty of all IT equipment until active period. That means if you expect the system to last 5 years in the active period then you must have a warranty for 5 years. Having warranty doesn’t mean that you are going no failures of IT Infrastructure equipment. It is just to minimize downtime of business critical equipment and control unexpected cost of repair or parts replacement. We see a 30% failure rate after 3 years of Workstations, Laptop and Desktop. If you have 50 computers in your office, a risk of failure rate would be 10% after the first year that means if you decide to keep the system out of warranty for another 24 months you have to replace at least 5 to 6  computers before completing lifespan.

When is the best time to buy Computer Warranty?

If you want to keep your system under warranty for 5 years buy the warranty at the time you purchase the computer. A DELL OptiPlex system with 3 years warranty hardly increases cost INR 7000/- to order a 5 years warranty with the system. You can always opt to extend the warranty of your computer or Servers for one year or two years warranty pack to avoid any downtime.

Should I renew my computer’s warranty coverage?

This is very important keep your system under warranty. A computer can easily for five years and renewing warranty coverage enable your users to perform efficient or fast approaching replacement parts. You may want to have your senior management and critical system have a new computer every three years but the entry-level user and other role demanding low performance may use an older system without warranty. A computer without warranty is thought of as a disposable item because service is not cost effective. Service cost will increase quickly and even older laptop, Desktop, and workstations. In general, we advise extended warranty of your IT equipment based on lifecycle plan.

What is the life cycle of Laptop, Desktop, and workstations?

If you know that computer is going to be an operation for 5 years and you have no plan to replace before that, it is better to buy  5 years warranty when you purchase the computer. This would put a computer on 5 years lifecycle plan. Many small businesses have trouble making that type of long-term plan because they make the decision on short-term growth. A lifecycle plan is decision-making tools that help businesses how long computer to last and enable budget for them accordingly. One popular small business lifecycle plan we have seen is a 3+2 plan. The first three years are normal life coverage and next two years extend the warranty of computer depends on knowing the criticality of equipment or simply replace it.

Another popular lifecycle for corporate is 3 years plan. All computers will be purchased with 3 years warranty and replace at end of the active period. It keeps business equipped with the latest technology, minimizes downtime, cost very stable and avoid service calls.

By having a consistent lifecycle plan in advance your company stands to save cost. Too many companies think they are controlling cost just because they are delaying spending. This is not good practice controlling cost at all because typical delaying a needed procure increase up to a heavy cost if you lost employee productivity, downtime and support costs for old computers. A lifecycle plan will minimize technology related labor cost by reducing unplanned service calls and reducing planned labor by enabling IT to work the plan, not responding emergencies calls.

 If you have a Server, workstation, Laptop, Desktop warranty that is about to expire, please call us for best renewal price.


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