HP Care Packs & Extended Warranty

Starting their journey in the year 2013, KSR Computer Systems is a bunch of around fifty young and dynamic professionals with the expertise in rendering IT solutions. Throughout their 5 years of struggle for existence in the field of IT solution providers, KSR team has clinched in the proficiency to outshine others in the long run.

Some of the services and products rendered by the KSR Computer team are inclusive of the following:

Rendering extension packs for warranty of the products of HP, IBM, Dell and Lenovo brands.

Service and repairing of HP, Lenovo, Acer, IBM and Dell Brands of laptops and desktops.

Provision of Annual Maintenance Contract for Delhi and NCR based Small and Corporate users.


What do you mean by HP care pack service?

HP care pack service is meant for extension of the warranty period for the prime members of HP care pack services. With the HP care pack services at your fingertips, you can extend the duration of your warranty period for your desktop servicing. Furthermore, it assists you in expanding your network coverage and add-on to the extra protection for your HP product.

You buy any desktop or printer; you shall be entitled to receive a warranty period of one year. HP care packs make it possible to extend the support level for your HP hardware protection.

On the other hand, the commercial desktops and printers are available with a warranty period of either one or three years. In case of specific products, you have the liberty to choose the coverage period for warranty.

With KSR Computer’s HP care pack services, you receive a cost-effective upgrade of your standard warranty period. Besides, you receive an easy-to-buy and easy-to-use KSR Computer support packages. The motto behind KSR Computer’s HP care pack service is to lower the rate of risks for all IT products. To list a few of the IT products are servers, computer networking, storage, desktops, printing, imaging, software, and desktops.

KSR Computer’s customers have the liberty to purchase HP care packs when they are buying HP products.

What are the benefits of availing the HP care pack services?

There are four benefits of availing the HP care pack services:

1. It helps to reduce your expenses on IT services: 

When you have an HP care pack handy with you, it helps you to reduce the daily cost involved in servicing and maintenance of your IT related products and services. This benefit is in alliance with the extension of HP services even after the warranty period is over. As these costs are reduced, it reliefs the customers from the extra efforts and finances involved in IT services and maintenance.

2. Prevents the additional expenses incurred on unexpected repairs and services:

The cost incurred due to the unexpected product repair might prove to be a heavy one for the organization. Since these unexpected repairs are necessary to be addressed as soon as possible, your organization might have to bear higher than the usual cost. This higher pricing gets nullified when you have HP care pack service at your fingertips.

3. Supreme Quality Servicing:

HP marks both its presence and supremacy on the global front. The prominent customers of HP receive a robust service experience from the HP team.

4. Works on reducing calls at the help-desk:

With HP care pack at your fingertips, you do not need to worry about the frequent calls at the help-desk. You need to log your call once and convey all your worries at one go.


What does your HP care pack offer you?

  • Same Business Day Service: Once you log your call in with the Hp care pack services, you will be entitled to receive the response on the same business day. Same day servicing helps you to stay connected with your IT services hassle-free.
  • Next Business Day offering: In case, your call is missed by the receiver, it shall be auto-logged. The Hp care pack service team ensures that you receive your service assistance before the end of your next business day.
  • 24/7 call assistance: You can reach the HP care support at any time of the day. Your call shall be registered for 24/7 and will be addressed as soon as possible. The HP care pack service team assures you with the increased availability of servicing equipment and 24/7 productivity. Furthermore, you receive a continuous HP care pack service support for both on-site and remote assistance.
  • Offering for Call-to-Resolution support: The call-to-resolution offering assures you with a resolution to all your hardware related technical issues. HP care pack services guarantee that you receive the service resolution well within the stipulated time-frame from the time you log in your service call.


How can you register for HP care pack services?

HP care pack service support team shall help you in this regards. You can avail the following HP care pack services as per your product:

HP care pack service for Notebooks, Desktops & Workstations

HP care pack service for handheld devices

HP care pack service for Printing and digital imaging

HP care pack service for server and Storage devices.


Connect with KSR Computer HP care pack service support team and experience the unlimited servicing for your HP products even after warranty exhaustion.